Introducing Kubota Technology

Myopia worsens with time which increases the risk of more severe eye complications. Knowing this, Kubota scientists sought to create a technology for the management of myopia. Kubota’s team created glasses that use augmented reality to counteract the effect of myopia on the eye.

The technology inside Kubota Glass

This view (exaggerated and illustrated for understanding) shows how the LEDs and mirrors project a myopically defocused stimulus on the periphery of the eye. Peripheral myopic defocus helps the eye naturally change its shape as you use the Kubota Glass™ eyewear. The clear central zone provides refractive correction so vision is in focus.

Aligning to your natural Bio-clock

Our bodies follow the daily cycle of night and day, so do our eyes. The eye changes shape, ever so slightly, throughout the day. Kubota Glass can be worn comfortably in the morning and/or evening to manage your myopia. For example, you can wear in the morning while getting ready for school and again at night while reading or watching TV as you wind down from your busy day.

Key Features

– Clear central vision – distance vision is crisp and focused

– Fits your lifestyle – only needs to be worn a few hours a day

– Incorporate the latest science of myopia management

– Cutting edge technology – stimulus is optimized for myopia management

        – Brighter than background

        – Greater defocused image on periphery of retina

– Perfect for children and adults (8 to 18 years old)

How the Kubota Glass™ Augmented Reality (AR) lens works

The technology inside Kubota Glass™

Inside each pair of Kubota Glass™ eyewear you will find a prescription lens that corrects nearsightedness and the electronic active stimulation system. This system is comprised of Micro-LED stimuli projectors
that project a myopically defocused stimulus pattern on the periphery of the retina.  Eyecare providers and scientists understand that axial elongation of the eye is a key factor driving myopia and active defocus promises to allow the
human body to deter or slow down this growth over time.

Kubota Technology looks cutting edge… because it is cutting edge

When you see a pair of Kubota glasses you know this is something new and special. If you or someone in your family has myopia, contact your eyecare provider to see if your child or loved one can benefit utilizing Kubota Glass™ technology.